Thursday, March 23, 2017

Longevity Breakthrough!

Following this advice, simply download the picture below, print it out on nice photo paper, and hang it up over your work space.
Latest studies has suggested that staring at boobs will improve longevity in men. Staring at cute animals also seems to help so your call here.

Disclaimer: This is a completely P.C. image since the subject in the above picture is not human, but a robot so no actual women were exploited to lengthen your life.

UPDATE: Note that getting married is also helpful in extending your life. I might suggest however that combining the suggestions might not work. Example being trying to combine marriage and boob staring which runs the risk of actually shortening your life expectancy.

1 comment:

Merle Morrison said...

I'm not taking any chances - I'm going to stare & ogle..... :)