Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Washington From 5000 ft

Which is about how far above Washington I am here in Colorado, or as they call it in Washington, "Eastern California".

Imagine if you will a large, picturesque, fenced off insane asylum with manacured lawns and all that. We'll call it the Washington home for the Hyper-egoed.

Imagine if you will, that the inmates have staged a coup and are now running the asylum.

Imagine that a great wizard named Tim has found the place, and with a wave of his wand, has transformed everyone inside into monkeys. The noise level goes up and the poo being flung sometimes lands outside the fence.

Imagine that the wizards assistant, standing safely behind him, has also waved his wand, instilling all the monkeys with an industrial-grade dose of LSD.

Scattered about in the building are rooms containing the legendary Levers Of Power which may only be wielded by the Rightful King of England, President, correct Grand Exalted Poo-Bah. Several of these are both sensitive and dangerous.

Now sit back and try to enjoy the show.


Merle Morrison said...

Sounds like a bar I used to hang out at..... :)


Billll said...

So that was you, down at the other end!

Merle Morrison said...

Yeah, that was early - before they kicked me out! :(