Friday, March 24, 2017


The Highline Canal runs 71 miles and includes a lot of oddities. At one point they're putting in a new pedestrian bridge. This will supplant the pedestrian foot path running between the concrete and rocks and the storm drain outlet.

It looks like they originally intended for the road to cross the canal here but somehow never got around to installing the bridge. On the left side of the picture is a narrow paved stretch which currently serves as the spillway for the neighborhood behind it. Had the road been completed, the big hole on the left would have served the storm drain. Now look down the bridge:

 Note that the centerline of the bridge intersects the fence line of the property on the right. The property line is actually to the right of the bridge, but since the road was never completed to full width, this fellow just ran his fence down to the installed pavement. This has caused a lot of people to question the sanity of everyone involved with this project. If the fence has been there for 18 years or more, I'm told, the homeowner has a valid claim to the land and the county would have to pay him to move his fence back. More likely is that the concrete path will include a bit of a joggle and the fence will remain.

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