Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Curses! Foiled Again!

The Colorado legislature was passing a bill to increase the penalties for tampering with oil and gas equipment since oil spills and gas leaks are bad. The Dems objected saying:
“It could be a totally innocent individual whose, let’s say truck, breaks down in a road and you’re potentially interfering with or delaying the operations of that oil and gas well,” said Sen. Steven Fenberg, D-Boulder.
Damn! We've been caught out again. The plan all along was to follow Sen. Fenbergs Lexus until it passed near a pump jack, use Bluetooth to disable his car, then have him arrested for plotting to tamper with the oil equipment.  A felony conviction would mean his resignation from his seat but we all know that the Peoples Commissariat of Boulder SSR would simply appoint another Bolshevik to replace him.

But wait! A.G. Coffman had the papers already prepared to charge every Democrat in the legislature as an accessory to deliberately polluting Colorados water supply. Fenberg will probably claim to be an undercover EPA agent and thus be above prosecution.

Wouldn't it be nice if the legislature could do something useful once in a while?


Merle Morrison said...

I hope you don't plan to hold your breath??? :)


Billll said...

My expectations for legislators are right up there with snake bellies and gator toes, thus when something positive happens I'm always pleasantly surprised.