Friday, March 24, 2017


There was a minor car show in dynamic uptown Littleton last weekend. Here are a couple of the entrys:
This fine example of 'Mercan Ahrn was my personal favorite. Now check out the engine bay, overflowing with ingenuity:
The fan shroud and overflow resevoir are frosting on the cake. Then there's this:
GSXR* the dog checks out a low rider. The truck was driven in and features air lifts for when you actually need to go somewhere. The exhaust routing is especially clever, no? Now return with us to those thrilling days of way back when:
The standard street rod setup when Sochiro Honda was selling motorized bicycles. I remember putting 3 of those strombergs on my fathers Rambler 6. It worked well briefly on the 5 bearing engine. As well there was some late model stuff, this one was a '68 I think:
Lotta cubic inches there.

*That's her name. Pronounced "Jixer". My daughter named her. Scroll down to her post to see why this makes perfect sense.

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Merle Morrison said...

Flatheads forever!!! :)