Saturday, February 25, 2017

Warring Tribes Upgrade Their Armament - Chicago

Warring tribes in Chicago that is, have discovered that AR and AK pattern rifle works better than a Glock in a drive by. No word yet as to what the city government plans to do about this as quite a few of them owe their seats to help from the gangs tribes.

Police started noticing the rifles early last year, mostly in Back of the Yards, and their use has been increasing. October had three rifle shootings, November had six and December had nine, about the time the shootings started in Brighton Park, according to police.

By the end of December, gangs in the area were using rifles "almost exclusively," according to several veteran officers interviewed by the Tribune.
Throwing the gangsters in jail might affect the voting patterns adversely for some Aldermen so this is unlikely to happen, however there is an alternative approach that has been tried in other states. To wit, you bring in a Federal agency, say the ATF, and let them sell illegal cigarettes to fund the purchase of AR and AK pattern rifles which they in turn sell to the gangs on the premise that they will then trace them to the evil gun dealers who provided them in the first place... oh wait, maybe not. At least they wouldn't have to think up a new name for this fiasco project, as Fast and Furious will probably do just fine. It could also be a solution to the problem of too few people being shot by rifles of any kind which always gets brought up an any legislative hearing to talk about an assault weapons ban.

The increased lethality of rifles over pistols should also do wonders toward restoring Chicago to an "over 100 murders a year" city this year.

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