Tuesday, February 21, 2017

EPA Head To Visit Colorado

Trumps new head of the EPA has promised to visit Colorado as part of an effort to see what if anything can be done about the Animas River spill. Anticipating this I have re-written the old Hamms Beer ditty from way back when:
From the land of Orange waters, waters
Comes the Gold King mine's effluvia, effluvia
EPA home free.
Not their fault you see,
Fine. If I was any good at songwriting, I'd be a songwriter instead of an engineer. Readers are challenged to do better in the comments.

As it happens, Hamms was acquired several times until it became part of the MillerCoors consortium so it currently has a connection to Colorado.

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jed said...

Geez, Bill, now you're making me feel old. Yeah, I remember beer commercials from radio/tv that far back. I like this one, which isn't that old, as those things go.