Friday, February 17, 2017

Science Marches Onward

The latest innovation in camera technology is the cameras worn by police which may soon include face recognition abilities. Couple this with the license plate readers already installed in some dashcams and voila! the cop on the beat comes into work in the morning, sits down at his laptop, and gets his marching orders complete with a BOLO list of people and license plate numbers.

His body camera can pick out the listed items and send an alert to his earpiece and maybe a visual cue to his sunglasses, and in a flash, another scofflaw is in custody.

I want one of these myself, already having bluetooth enabled hearing aids, that will spot people I walk up to and if I've ever met them, will whisper in my ear their name and something about the context. "Fred, gun club.","Karen, bicycles", "Charlie, business". That sort of thing. Perhaps wearing a camera might be too much of a warning that the wearer is either developing Alzheimers or might be an undercover cop, in which case the camera might be disguised as something innocuous, like Google Glasses, or a Boutonniere, or maybe a parrot on ones shoulder.

Invaluable to politicians to instantly identify constituents by name and contribution amount thus allowing them to tailor their greeting to the correct level of warmth and obsequiousness.

Got possibilities though, no?


wheels said...

The Farley File that Heinlein mentioned in "Double Star" on steroids!

NotClauswitz said...

I'd go with the parrot, but I hate parrot-poop.