Sunday, February 12, 2017

Global Warming - How To Read Graphs

Elmer Beauregard of M4GW fame* shows how to read the sometimes alarming graphics put out by the warming lobby.

The last 2 days around here the high temp has been in the 80's. Not bad for Denver in February, eh? Gentlemen, if this be global warming, then let us make the most of it.

At the same time, snowpack in the mountains is currently over 100% of what we usually get so the skiers are jamming the roads up to the resorts. If you're going, add an extra hour to your drive time. Bring adequate snow tires or chains as well remembering that skidding out and causing an even worse jam will get you a stiff ticket.

*Minnesotans 4 Global Warming. Fame is relative, like a lot of other things but do google the You Tube versions of "I'm a Denier" or "Hide The Decline".

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