Friday, February 24, 2017

Obama's Next Calling

I have to admit to being of two minds on this one. It seems there's a movement afoot to bring O'Bungler to France and run him for the presidency there in the upcoming elections. No specific party is mentioned but in France this makes little enough difference.

The up side of this is that we get rid of the man who with 8 years of occupation in the Oval office, arguably still has no executive experience. OFA (ACORN) will be devastated especially if he takes Valerie Jarret with him.

The down side is that the French would be getting a candidate who will stand four square with the rioters in the banlieues around Paris, probably writing the actions off as a pollution reduction effort since a burned out car cannot be driven and therefore pollutes less.
Low pollution vehicle, manufacturing process.

Jokes about the legendary manliness of French men and the martial prowess of the French military aside, I really don't hate the French enough to wish this fool on them. The North Koreans maybe, but not the French.

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