Friday, February 17, 2017

Immigration - The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

What I love about the internet is that eventually you can find someone who knows what he/she is actually talking about who can explain seemingly complex issues in a straightforward manner. Here, for example is Milton Friedman explaining why uncontrolled immigration was good in 1914, but is a disaster in 2014 and why illegal immigration may not be as bad as all that.

What he overlooks is that when an illegal comes here and works, everyone benefits with the exception of the legal fellow who would otherwise be doing the job. That fellow can't compete because it would be illegal for him to offer to work for a bit less. The government sets his wages and benefits which below a certain level are non-negotiable.

Makes the case for a minimum wage of $0.00 doesn't it? As to the welfare state, back in the 60's, President Kennedy declared a "war on poverty" in the united states. This was met with some skepticism even from a largely supportive press who dutifully went out to find this "poverty". They reported that it was nearly non-existent except for a fer isolated patches deep in Appalachia. The sort of places where they shot at government agents.

Today, 20% of the American population is by definition "in poverty" and entitled to a big TV, fancy sneakers, and subsidized housing. Maybe if we subsidized the poverty business less we'd have less of it.

Crazy talk.

 Found the video at Mish Talk where it played a part in a column on the Women's March.

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