Monday, August 8, 2016

Voting - My Way

I figured this out some time back, and have passed it on to whomever asks how to vote.

1. Vote the incumbents out.

2. Vote to NOT retain any judges.

3. Vote NO on all the questions.

As Robert Heinlein said, voting is an important duty of a citizen and the citizen owes it to his country/state/locality to study the candidates and issues and vote intelligently. This requires some effort on the part of the voter so it is seldom done. Plan B was to find some well meaning fool, ask what he/she plans to do, then do the opposite.

Here's plan C which requires essentially no effort and which will seldom leave you with any regrets over the results. Of course plan C is a tacit admission that you didn't do your homework and your opinion on anything political is essentially worthless, but you don't have to admit in public that you had no idea what to do in the voting booth. Hardly anyone ever does.

1. There could be some down sides to this, for example a good incumbent might get undeservedly voted out. Quit laughing, it could happen.

2. A good judge could be voted out and would be replaced by the moron you voted for in step 1. This is pretty unlikely as judges are seldom voted out except as an afterthought to a conviction.

3. A ballot question/referendum/amendment might be asking for something besides more money, say the repeal of an unpopular law. Be careful. Laws are unpopular with people who have enough money to sponsor ballot questions usually because they limit the graft they can get or favors they can buy.

Not foolproof, but generally safe.

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