Tuesday, August 30, 2016

4095 Range Report

Finally did it. Got to the range and had the place all to myself. shot the 4095 from a rest and
Got a 1 MOA group at 25 meters. Other groups were somewhat bigger ranging up to 2 MOA but at this point I believe I've solved the problem of group size with the Hi Point. Ammo by the way was Remington 180 gr RN jacketed.

Lessons learned: The gun likes the heavier bullets although the 165 gr jacketed bullets delivered 2 MOA with powder either OTC or Power Pistol, 7 gr.
                            The pins holding the gun together are under sized for the holes they go into. Using a tight-fitting pin solves the accuracy problem. This may have been addressed at the factory but I don't know. Mine was loose.
                            The gun has been dialed in at 100 yards and shoots 6 to 6-1/2 inches high at 25 yards. This is consistent with the relatively modest muzzle velocities. My chroney was acting up in the fluorescent light at the range but 1100 to 1500 fps is typical depending on bullet weight and powder.
                            Speaking of powder, if you're going to load for a pistol caliber carbine, Power Pistol is a very slow burning powder that can take advantage of a 16 in barrel. Typical pistol rounds will show about 250 fps faster than what you get from a 4" pistol and Power Pistol will add another 50-100 fps to that.
                           Speaking of bullets, while I use Barrys plated bullets in my Glock for IDPA work, when they go through the carbine the plating tends to peel off in unexpected ways. Barrys bullets have been known to spiral out to deliver groups of 18 feet at 100 yards. That was not a typo. Lapping the barrel will reduce this tendency. Tubbs Lapping bullets work very well if he ever makes any more of them. Failing that you can get a 3-stage set of lapping compound from Midway and make your own lapping bullets from unjacketed lead bullets.

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Merle said...

Guess I got lucky - my 4095 shoots just fine, but most definitely prefers heavier bullets.