Monday, August 1, 2016

July E-Postal Results

As of today I have 11 entries. Consensus of opinion is that we all need to practice the strong hand/weak hand bit, and that adding a scope just gives you a clearer view of how much we're wobbling.

I ran out of opportunities to shoot this with my Hi Point or my AR but I might be able to work that in this weekend. Yes, I'm keeping this open until the 7th so if you get a chance to try it again, feel free to do so. Here's what we have right now:

Class 1 Rimfire, Iron/red dot
Dave (T.B.Sam) Ruger 22/45 16
Billll Ruger Mk 1 14
Merle Ruger Mk 2 13

Class 2 Rimfire, scoped
Dave (T.B.Sam) Ruger Mk 3 12

Class 3 Rimfire rifle, iron
Merle Iver Johnson 7

Class 4 Rimfire rifle, scoped
Billll Marlin 795 16
Merle Ruger 10/22 11

Class 5 C.F pistol, iron
Billll Glock 22 10
Merle CZ-82 9

Class 7 C.F. Rifle, scoped
Merle Hi Point 4095 8
Merle Ruger Mini-14 7


Merle said...

Well, just as I expected - I did a pretty good job of anchoring the bottom spot. :(

More practice, better eyes & a steadier hand are in order! :)


Billll said...

In the past I've seen targets that were arguably more difficult than this one with MUCH smaller bulls eyes and penalties for missing. They usually turn out to be harder than they look but frankly I didn't expect this one to be as difficult as it turned out.

Merle said...

Hey, if it was easy everyone would get a high score - what fun would that be?