Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Parts Is Parts

My new ride, being a used car, is missing a couple of relatively minor items which I'm trying to replace. One of them is a small plastic cover that snaps on just in front of the turn signal stalk. GM has been making Generic Motors for a good long time and you would think that a trivial part like this would be cheap and plentiful.

You'd be wrong. The part in question is common to 93-02 Camaro and Firebird, and for some reason about 3 years of Pontiac Grand Prix. It is out of production, and no longer available except possibly at a junk yard. When it was available it retailed for $21, which seems steep for a non-structural cover part.

I opined to the nice parts man that I should have bought a Studebaker since I know that parts for them are still available. He laughed and seemed genuinely sympathetic.

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