Monday, August 8, 2016

Rifle Match

The club tried out something new last weekend, a rifle match held under USPSA rules*. 5 stages involving moving and shooting, mostly standing and unsupported. Ranges ran from 3 yd out to 200. A close stage ran 3 to 50 yards with varying amounts of moving involved. Stage 4 ran from 10 yards out to 7 12" gongs at 100 yards. Stage 4 was a snipers stage, with 2 cardboard targets visible from each of 4 positions, and 2 more visible from position 3, 10-25 yards out. At each stage after shooting the cardboard, you had to finish out by shooting each of 3 14" gongs at the 200 yard mark. Given time and a bipod I could have done this, but with a timer running, a total time limit for the stage, limited gun support and exhaustion, I only got 3 hits out of 15 possible.

Only 1 or 2 people on my squad actually got those gongs as from position 2 for example they were behind the weeds. Very challenging. Generally conceded to be perhaps a bit too challenging.

This was a test match to see what worked and what didn't. In general, target positions from 30 to 100 yards worked. Stages that involved lots of movement also worked. Stages that involved movement strategy were popular as well.

Most people were using a 4x scout scope. Took us a stage or two to remember that at distances under 20 yards, if you want to get the A-zone head hits you have to put the horizontal line right at the top edge of the head. Two of us were using PCCs which means we have to keep in mind the arc trajectory. 3 in over at 50-75, 12-14" under at 200. The Hi Point ran flawlessly though the scope mount proved to have loosened up on stage 4. The Glock carbine conversion shot well but had feeding problems later traced to dirt in the mags. Neither of us felt that our guns put us at any great disadvantage. Well, O.K. the Hi Point could have used bigger mags and a bolt release button.

Fun stuff.

*USPSA: Rules? we doan' need no steenkin' rules. Rules is for IDPA.

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Merle said...

Glad to hear the Hi Point ran fine - take that all you naysayers.... :)