Saturday, August 27, 2016

Gun Fun - Brag

Went to the Club Championship match today as the alternative was cancelled. This featured 6 stages:
1Air rifle bullseye. I learned last year not to bring my gun. I borrowes a $2000 pellet rifle and did pretty well.
2. Air pistol NRA Silhouette. Borrowed a fancy pistol and got 9/10 animals for best in club.
3. .22 pistol, bulls eye. I've done worse.
4. .22 rifle bullseye. 3 flyers didn't help.
5. American Marksman, .22 rifle. Did passably well.
6. Action pistol, .22 pistol. Did decently well there.

Result: 1st place in my division, and 3rd overall. 5 more points and I'd have been second. 30 more and I'd have won the whole thing. Must remember not to get in such a rush with the .22 bulls eye stages.

Tomorrow I go back and do IDPA with a Glock. Fun weekend.

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Merle said...

Sucks when your equipment isn't adequate for the job..... :(