Monday, August 8, 2016

Drone Racing

That's right. Those Funkin Drones will be putting on an indoor drone race August 18th at the Glitter Dome. The exact details are still being worked out so if you want to race, you need to contact them. Details at the link. The event see

Glitter Dome
3600 Wynkoop St,
Denver, CO 80216

Extra added attraction: Some spectators will be allowed to use the infamous Pedal Air Gun, showcased on earlier pages here to launch Nerf darts at the passing aircraft. The race course will be enclosed inside of netting and the Pedal Gun barrel will be poked through the mesh. During a 2 minute heat, a quick person with a bit of assistance in loading should be able to get 4 shots off. My Nerf darts are 2 inches in diameter and 12 inches long. I judge it unlikely in the event of a hit that any craft would be more than moderately inconvenienced, but think of the entertainment value.

Live music and beer seem to be on the card as well so I'd recommend tucking some ear plugs into your shirt pocket, just in case ya know?

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