Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Disproof First, Theory Second

Sometimes you find stuff like this, with a theory and it's disproof say in the same issue of a newspaper or even in a single editorial column. This one sets a record by publishing the disproof of a theory first and the theory second, 5 hours later. Here's the theory:

Conservatives Take Note: The Left Always 'Wins' Because They Can Disobey Laws They Don't Like

The example cited is the Mecklinburg school district although the lead picture is Hillary Clinton.

The disproof is from Pennsylvania where the states Attorney General has been busted for abusing her office to benefit her career.
‘Rising Democratic Star’ Kathleen Kane Convicted on 9 Criminal Charges
Mrs Kane was widely expected to move up to a U.S. Senate seat, but that's not happening, at least not right away. No word just yet on what she got, but I've heard that she has resigned her A.G. position.

I guess you don't get to rise above the law until you rise to some unspecified but fairly exalted position, apparently further up the food chain than State A.G. in PA but no lower than the school system administrators in N.C.

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