Monday, May 23, 2016

Cinemark Lawsuit - Who Won?

The jury ruled that Cinemark could not be held liable in the mass shooting in Aurora that left 12 dead as they could not have been able to reasonably predict the actions of a madman.
Victims’ loss in a civil trial over whether an Aurora movie theater should have done more to prevent a mass shooting leaves them with dwindling options as they seek damages for their suffering.
Experts say the loss Thursday to Cinemark may also have hurt the chances of other survivors in the few remaining lawsuits stemming from the 2012 rampage.
The question of who needs to compensate the victims for their loss is unanswered although at $.25/hr, the shooter will be toiling in the prison system a good long time to cover much of that. Maybe it's just another rather large insurance claim and the price of a movie ticket will go up slightly to cover it.

I'm seeing the big winner in this as the anti-gun lobby as the judgement justifies the theater chain marking their venues as "no gun zones". This will keep theaters on the whack-o list of potential targets for the foreseeable future and without successful mass shootings, there can be little argument for gun bans.

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