Monday, May 2, 2016

Weekend Fun

I'm knackered and can barely stand up. The kids had a ball:
This moment was, comparatively, a lull which is how I managed to get in the picture. Off the view to the left is ihe remains of a 220 lb class robot with 3/16 steel bodywork looking like it had narrowly escaped the car crusher. They finished 4th overall in the fighting robot competition.

Note the crest of the Denver Mad Scientists Club with the motto "Summas Scientes, Noli Hic Domi Temptare"*  Extra credit if you can translate that.

Normally face painters don't interest me all that much as they seem to be limited to a bouquet of flowers or a cheesy unicorn. The one here was good:
I'm sorry i didn't get a pic of the tiger job, it was fantastic.

The show was primarily aimed at the kids so not so much the commercial booths aimed at the grown up Mad Scientists and inventors. Lots of interactive stuff.

*We are experts. Do not attempt this at home.


Merle said...

Are all three of those kids (in the top picture) yours? If so, your life is not dull! :)


Billll said...

All the kids pictures belong to someone else. They kept me and all the alleged adults there busy quite handily though.