Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Party Not Winning, Asks Opponents Not To Run

I suppose if you want to get some face time in the papers and on NPR, this is one way to do it. A group has formed a PAC to try to discourage their political opponents from running for office so more of their people can get elected. No party name is given, so I'm anointing this group the Breakfast Party.
It's a question embedded in the name of the organization. The Can You Not PAC plans to discourage straight white men from running for office in Colorado's diverse districts. The hope is that will clear the lane from female, minority and LGBTQ candidates.
They are asking for less White Bread and crackers so as to make way for such breakfast staples as Fruits, Nuts and Flakes.

Best of luck with that. If you can't provide political leadership, you should at least provide political humor. Lord knows we need more humor. No word as to the amount of pharmaceuticals and/or alcohol that went in to the planning for this either.

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David Aitken said...

I posted 2 comments over there. The one about ideological diversity got deleted, which doesn't surprise me. The other one read "since 1% of the registered voters are Libertarian, which seat should be reserved for them?". It's still there with one like.