Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Something About Him...

Ever look at someone and immediately get a feeling, good or bad, because there was "something about them" that triggered feelings within you? It would seem that this is a valid trait and up to now no one has looked into what the trigger is but given enough computing power, sources can be identified and correlations can be extracted.

The one country in the world with the most to gain from being able to identify shifty people, Israel, has developed software that can look at a photo of a person and identify certain characteristics with about 80% certainty. Of course with a 20% false positive rate one might also expect a similar false negative rate so for every terrorist/pedophile/lying politician that gets improperly identified, I would expect one to get through.  Still, if the first 60% get caught, the remainder would be discouraged from trying.

No word as to other applications such as filtering Mr. or Miss Right out of the candidates at the singles bar.

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