Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Econ 101 - Bernienomics

When your country is running out of other people's money, one of the things you do is make holding foreign currency illegal Holding foreign currency after all suggests that the T.P. you are printing may not have much exchange value.

If your native industries need raw materials from another country, it's considered polite to use that other country's currency to buy the stuff. Case in point is Venezuela's biggest brewer who buys malted hops from the U.S., or used to. Since it's illegal to own U.S. dollars, they can't buy the hops and so can't brew beer so they closed down. El Presedente thinks this is outrageous and is threatening to nationalize the brewery and jail the management if they don't get back into production. Nobody has told him that it was his policies that shut the brewery down in the first place.

Maybe if he stands on a balcony, waves his hands, and screams "Free malted hops!" the problem will be solved.

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David Aitken said...

And hamburgers are now $170.