Tuesday, May 17, 2016

On Line Voting

And you thought voting by people of questionable provenience was a problem. Some 32 states allow online voting under one circumstance or another so think about the news reports following the upcoming elections:

"Final results are in and Hillary Clinton has won in New York,  California and 6 others while Donald Trump has carried Texas, Florida, and 8 other states. Unexpectedly some 32 states have been carried unanimously by Kim Jong-Un. As no one candidate has gotten the requisite 270 electoral votes, the contest now moves to the U.S. House where Mr. Kim is expected to garner only 10-15 votes, from some of the chambers more colorful members and a couple of @neverTrump, @NeverHillary die-hards."

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Merle said...

Yeah, that's something to look forward to!