Tuesday, April 12, 2016

You Would Think...

That when someone has become nationally famous for complete cluelessness
"More Inmates, Despite Drop In Crime" by Butterfield in the New York Times on November 8, 2004
that people would be at least somewhat adverse to repeating the feat. James Taranto of the WSJ*1, however, has made finding things like this a regular feature in his daily column sometimes citing multiple efforts. Here's one that comes probably closer to the original than any I've seen to date:
“It’s puzzling that so many Americans are choosing to arm themselves at a time when the FBI tells us violent crime and property crime have been falling dramatically for two decades.”—John Burnett, NPR, April 12
I suppose that the obligatory subscription to the NYT*2
that has to come with a posting to NPR*3
doesn't help when you sometimes have to read the WSJ to get the jokes.

Acronym guide
1. WSJ Wall St Journal
2. NYT New York Times
3. NPR  National Public Radio

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