Thursday, April 21, 2016

Conductive Contact Lube

I use a card holder to read the card from my camera into the computer. This has worked fairly well until recently when the computer seems to refuse to acknowledge the presence of the card. I got some Bachmanns E-Z Lube conductive contact lube for a different problem and decided to give it a try. Rubbing a thin film onto the contacts on the card didn't help so I put a tiny drop onto the USP connector of the adapter. Voila! instant recognition.

For the real test, I have a connector on the Jag that has never been better than usually connected. Thorough cleaning helped for a while, but the problem is back. Next we try this stuff.

Anybody want to buy a Jag?


Merle said...

No thanks! Back in my younger days I had a 1959 XK-150. I have learned my lesson! :(


jed said...

If I wanted a Jaguar, it wouldn't be that model.

If that Bachmann's doesn't help, come over and we'll try some Deox-It.

Billll said...

Given the rather modest prices these things command in unrepaired condition, one might make a nice project car to place a Mustang power train into.