Thursday, April 21, 2016

Tubman On The Twenty

It has been announced that Harriet Tubman is the administrations pick to go on the $20 bill. For once I think this is a good idea, as Jackson in my mind is remembered as the founder of the Democratic party, and the man behind the Trail of Tears Indian relocation.

The only thing left to decide now is the actual portrait to use. I favor this one:
A gun-toting Republican woman. What's not to like.

Write Jack Lew at the Treasury department and demand this version.

Rumor has it that other currency is up for remodeling. Unconfirmed is the rumor that Obama plans to put himself on the $100. It is popular for heads of banana republics to put themselves on the largest note the general population is likely to be carrying and to decorate the lesser bills with their cronies.
With Hamilton fairly well secure on the $10 and Washington on the $1, expect to see Valerie Jarret on the $50 and Al Sharpton on the $5.

Update: Someone tipped them off. On a still night you can hear heads exploding.

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