Friday, April 15, 2016

The Gay Crusades

Here's a nice piece on the suitability, or lack of same of knuckling under to the LGBT bomb squad, specifically in North Carolina.

Comments on that one are Facebook only which unfairly excludes me since my principles forbid my giving away my ranch to Facebook. At least up to this point.

According to my quick reference The state may not establish an official religion nor may it prohibit the free exercise of whatever yours is. A Christian can deplore your practices, but may not interfere with them and vice versa. Therefore compelling a Christian to endorse a practice that his religion describes as abhorrent is in violation of the free exercise part of the first amendment. Georgetown, a commenter* there, may carry on with traditional Scottish culture and the rest of us will politely look the other way.

Now run along to the Halal meat market and threaten to sue if they don't provide pulled pork for your next barbecue.

*You must be wrong because as a right winger you must be ever so mean. And I demand you write a column praising my decision to marry a sheep because I am entitled to affirmation.

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