Saturday, April 2, 2016

QOTD - Freudian?

San Francisco never ceases to amaze. First this:
Mayor of San Francisco, Ed Lee, explained: "We have our limits. It applies to people who think they are animals and engage in bestiality.
Which comes as a complete surprise to me, but then this follow-up:
Upon hearing about the troubles of the furry people, Washington State Governor Jay Inslee welcomed the Furries to march in his state. Forgetting that his mic was still on, the Governor added, "I'm one of them and consider myself a Husky. At Theta Xi Fraternity, we had great times with our sheep. We cannot allow the reactionary Zoophobia to control our lives. Is this mic on?"
So Gov Inslee identifies as a Scotsman I guess although I have no idea what his actual ethnicity might be.