Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Mickey-D Automates Coffee

And gets it wrong. Read here for the article about a McD's in Chicago with a high tech coffee machine that serves you a cuppa for $3 with no humans involved.

Me I just want a large coffee, half decaf, 1 sugar, 2 cream. This costs $1.08 around here.
Concocted by a former oil company chemical engineer who's no longer making $500,000/yr = Priceless.

Made from drip coffee by the McBarista, I was at least confident it wasn't made from concentrate, bulk shipped here in a re-purposed oil tanker from some place that has non-performing employees on the menu in the company cafeteria.


Merle said...

So what's the difference between this and the machines at hospital waiting rooms?


Billll said...

Speculation suggests it's surprisingly little. A lower dead roach count in one of them.