Saturday, April 19, 2014


I believe I mentioned before at some point that it has been observed that if you have a talent for observing and noting your observations, you might do well as a scientist. If you don't have the requisite doctorate, you might consider being a police detective. If you like the job description but have no talent for the observation and accurate recording, there's always journalism.

But why stop there. In the Anglosphere, it also helps if you have a good command of the English language, or failing that, an editor who does.
This from the Times, presumably of London. Found at Samizdata as a QOTD. This may well be an accurate description of a typical Member of Parliament, after all the editors didn't see fit to modify the statement, but as a flag-waving American I feel it my duty to defend our Congress and hold them up as nothing less than the equals of the Parliament any day of the week, and do page abuse on weekends.

We also have whole bureauocracies like that.

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