Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Libertarian Candidates

Gaylon Kent (Libertarian) has announced his candidacy for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Mark Udal.

Welcome Mr. Kent, to the U.S. Senate race. The Libertarian party has a lot of good ideas, but has allowed them to be pushed out of the Republican party by the old-school squishes. Today the Libertarians are the Democrats last best hope for holding on to public office at every level. Without them, Senators Morse and Hudak would not have gotten elected, and there are others who owe their seats to the Libertarian candidate pulling 5-10% of the vote away from the Republican candidate. Today we have gun laws, election fraud laws, tax laws, and an all out assault on TABOR thanks to the unflagging efforts of the Libertarian party. If I were the head of the Colorado Dems, I'd be making sure that $10,000 of untraceable funding magically appeared in your campaign coffers overnight.

On the other side Dr. Shogan will no doubt be portrayed by the Post as an "Independent" candidate to cover up his support for single-payer insurance. If Udall simply keeps his mouth shut, we can look forward to six more years of unflagging support for Socialism in Washington from a state that leans about 7% to the right.

Don't get me wrong. The Libertarians have a lot of really good ideas and I personally have a libertarian streak several feet wide. It's just that this state is NOT set up to handle a multi-candidate election at any level at all. Until this is addressed, the Libertarians would serve us better by lobbying and supporting the Republicans to move their agenda forward and make the electoral process amenable to 3+ candidate races.

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