Thursday, April 3, 2014

Hickenlooper's Best Shot

The Republicans here are smelling blood in the water as witness the flood of candidates running for Governor. Some better than others, but so far no Crazy Uncle Festers. But wait! There's hope for the Dems. Their best friends, the Libertarians have a candidate who bids fair to suck off enough Republican votes to let Hick keep his job.

Mike Dunafon, mayor of Glendale, swingin' single central in the Denver metroplex is considering a shot at the governorship. A laissez faire pol with fairly broad appeal, he's likely to pull down 10-15% of the conservative vote and hand the election to hick.

If I were Rick Palacio, I'd be figuring out how to launder a generous donation to Mr. Dunafon's campaign.

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