Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Rules In A Gunfight

There's a list of "rules" that goes around periodically  that includes this:

_F -- The average response time of a 911 call is 23 minutes; the response time of a .357 magnum is 1400 feet per second._

I've seen this list before and it continues to bug me as an engineer geek. The average gunfight takes place at a range of 3 yards. thus response time for the .357 would be 9/1400 or .00643 seconds.

 The rest of the story is the "rule of 3's", which suggests the typical gunfight takes place at an average distance of 3 yards, involves firing 3 shots, and is over in 3 seconds one way or another. Thus it would be fair as well to say the response time of whatever gun you have to hand would be about 3 seconds.

That video of the home invasion in Detroit in which the homeowner happened to have a rusty Hi Point carbine showed 2 encounters with the thugs, each involving 1 to 3 shots in quick succession. 3 thugs are shown kicking open the door and entering the house. A couple of seconds later you hear 1 or 2 shots and all 3 come flying out the door their feet barely touching the ground. One of them drops his gun, comes back to pick it up, then goes back in to the house. 1 or 2 more shots and out the door he flies this time not stopping.

That woman needs to get some range time in with that gun as no one seems to have been hit. Eventually the cops showed up.

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