Friday, April 25, 2014

Opportunity for Gardner

The race for Colorado Senator got more interesting with the announcement of a third candidates candidacy. Steve Shogan apparently has enough money to make a run at the office and has widely scattered views on some topics.
Shogan actually seems like he’s saying enough of the right things to have both camps a little nervous.  He’s critical of Obamacare and advocates for its repeal, which could siphon votes from Republican Cory Gardner.  However – and this is a big however – Shogan is advocating that Obamacare be replaced with a single payer system, which is going to have lefties swooning and moving away from Democrat Mark Udall.
The "repeal and replace" crowd will definitely like this fellow. After all, if you shoot a rabid dog, you must consider what you're going to replace it with and what better than a rabid wolf.

If Gardner is quick on his feet, he will welcome Shogan into the campaign noting that now the left has a real choice on their side of the ticket.

Of course if Udall is equally quick, his campaign will allocate a six-figure donation to a Libertarian and say the same to the republicans.

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