Friday, April 18, 2014


An elementary school in Lincoln NE has sent its students home with a list of 9 things to do or not do when you are afflicted with a bully.
Bottom line, let them get away with it and don't rat them out.

Now imagine that you see the school administration as the biggest bully in the school. Or perhaps the government. Stay loyal, citizens.


NotClauswitz said...

OMG, it's the ratification of Lame and a fist-full of excuses. Sad, very sad.

Brad K. said...

A couple of thoughts.

First, bullying in my experience centered around respect for property -- especially, other people's property. This list doesn't address the bully's respect, or lack there of, for people or property. Thus -- blaming the victim. They are consistent.

Second, many bullies act out disciplinary actions, or random interactions, of their parents. As youth begin to interact with and affect the world, and people, around them, partially understood or resented parental behaviors form the basis of the bullying. The bully suffers from lacking responsibility for affecting the behavior of the target (as a parent has a responsibility to impose discipline and reasonable social behavior on their dependents), and the bully lacks a clear goal (as too many parents do) of what the intent of their actions is. This list ducks the whole issue of correcting the problems in the bully's antisocial behavior.

Lastly, the bully resents the behavior she/he acts out, as applied by parents to the bully. The bully fully understands that bullying is not a good thing -- and must stay under the radar, secret, or the bully will suffer consequences. Any horse trainer, and most owners, too, are well aware that disrespect will get worse until someone gets hurt, unless confronted.

The local school system is very aggressive, to expel any students caught fighting, often including both a bully and the target. That seems at odds with "don't tell" for damaging and hurtful interactions.

Unless, I suppose, the school system is concerned about criticizing (union) teachers that bully students.

Billll said...

"Unless, I suppose, the school system is concerned about criticizing (union) teachers that bully students. "
Or the mayor of Peoria bullying people who make fun of him.

Anonymous said...

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