Saturday, August 18, 2012


Power Line has an article describing several regulations it thinks the Obama administration might push in a second term. Most are quite draconian, and would only confirm that the administration is not actually interested in economic recovery, but rather in imposing some economic retribution for the past crimes of colonialism and/or capitalism.

It occurs to me that a truly vindictive lame duck Obama might attempt to impose them in the time frame between November 6 and Jan 20. It wouldn't be the first time. The Clinton administration in its final days imposed a limit on Arsenic in drinking water so far below the existing limits that large areas of the southwest would have had to import bottled water for all their commercial, agricultural, and personal needs. When the Bush administration removed this they were roundly accused of "poisoning the people with Arsenic", which was duly reported in the press. It was months before the underlying story was widely enough spread to debunk the accusations.

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