Monday, August 13, 2012

Energy Policy

Townhall Finance has a piece suggesting that the president would like to make more of our energy dependent on foreign sources:
During a recent trip to Washington DC, I heard that “by the end of his second term, President Obama wants 40% of our natural resources to be imported.” Like Harry Reid’s “Bain Capital investor,” my source is reliable: a Capitol Hill staffer. While I do not have a secret White House memo to validate the premise, it explains a lot..
 Myself, I'm not buying this. I'm convinced he simply wants to cut our available energy by 40% period. The paragraphs in the article mention land grabs in the form of new wilderness areas, which some research will disclose include known deposits of Uranium, clean coal, rare earth metals, and oil and gas, recoverable by fracking. The loss of these resources is of course "for the children".

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