Monday, August 13, 2012

Presidential Debates

The schedule has been released and the moderators have been picked and no doubt as you read this, the questions are being formulated over at the Obama campaign headquarters.

The formula is tobe a re-run of last election with shills for the DNC asking the questions and setting them up to make the Republicans look as bad as possible.

Mr. Lehrer: Mr Romney, to address foreign policy, can you name the current president of East Doublecrossia?

Mr. Romney: If that actually becomes necessary, I'm sure my State secretary will have briefed me on the situation there...

Mr. Lehrer: So you don't know and would rely on briefings. O.K., Mr Obama, in that same line, boxers or briefs?

Mr. Obama: Someone like me who has the big brass ones to kill Osama Bin Ladin with his bare hands, wears boxers, of course.

The annoying thing is that the RNC will probably not object to the format or the questioners, further confirming the reputation of the Stupid Party.

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