Saturday, August 18, 2012

Gun Law

Sen. Lautenburg's proposal to ban online ammo sales and to effectively register anyone buying more than modest amounts of ammo has been sent to the Senate judiciary committee. In committee, it might be discussed or not depending on the chairman's position on the legislation.

The committee chairman is Patrick "leaky" Leahy of Vermont who probably wants to get re-elected. Gun control is a hot button issue in Washington and anyone who wants to get re-elected does well to stay well away from it unless they have a Gerrymandered district that eliminates the problem. The reason the issue id "hot button" is because people like us begin bugging our congressanimals as soon as something like this gets submitted. If you click the above link, you get the text of the bill. It's worth taking a look at since it would be impossible to understand by reading the one-page item. It goes on at some length about deleting "vicious animals" from subparagraph B and inserting "cute puppies" without ever presenting the whole context of the proposed final rewrite so that without a copy of the statute in front of you you can't tell if this is anti-defamation legislation or Obama's cookbook.

It's why we have people in Washington whose job it is to read this stuff and provide a translation for the people who will be affected. Also keep in mind that amending line 422, section (k), subparagraph F, line 2  from "guns or ammunition." to "guns, ammunition, or anything else." is a relatively simple task.

So drop an e-mail to your Senators with "No on S. 3458" in the subject line urging them to oppose this "job-killing infringement on lawful commerce", and don't forget to demand that the ATF be completely defunded, the agency abolished, and anyone in it without a damn fine alibi or a note from Sen. Issa be jailed.

O.K. that last line might be just a bit over the top. After the word "abolished" everything following is strictly optional.

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