Tuesday, August 14, 2012

More Gun Stuff

Government agencies are arming themselves at a great rate. The BATFEIEIO has ordered a bazillion rounds which I'm hoping will wind up on the surplus market after the agency is dissolved under president Romney.

The latest agency to arm themselves is the National Weather Service, which suggests to me that the survivalist meme has gotten well out of hand. How much ammo does a person need to shoot the breeze after all.

Of course they could be just a bunch of gun fanciers who've figured out how to get some trigger time in at the taxpayers expense.


The Troll said...

"BATFEIEIO...is dissolved under president Romney."

You mean just like the agency was dissolved under President Bush?

Seriously: what on God's green earth makes you believe that if elected, Romney will dissolve the BATFE?

Brad K. said...

An update on the article claims the actual purchaser would be the NOAA Fisheries Office of Law Enforcement, not the NWS, that it was a clerical error that mis-named the procurer on the solicitation.

Game wardens make a bit more sense.

If we assume 100 rounds every couple weeks for target practice, that would cover 460 weeks or practice for one warden, or almost a year for 18 wardens. Not counting rounds expended defending fish.

Still, I would think they would beef up the target time with some cheaper rounds, too.

jed said...

Latest from Infowars is that the SSA has an ammo req. out there too.

Didn't it used to be that when these various administrative agencies needed actual LEO capability, they'd call in the FBI or Federal Marshals?