Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Akin Opportunity

Rasmussen has Mr. Akin losing to the Dem Claire McCaskill by some 10 points currently. He has never been considered a serious candidate in this race, so it made perfect sense for Ms. McCaskill to put $1.7M into Mr. Akin's campaign to see to it that he got the nomination. After Mr. Akin compounded the effort to keep Ms. McCaskill in office by publicly proving he shouldn't be allowed in government at any level. a PPP poll, which is famous for giving Dems outsized margins, suddenly gave Mr. Akin a big predictive margin by assuming a 12 point tilt to the conservative.

Akin, buoyed by the PPP poll refuses to step down. There is an opportunity here for the Libertarians or the Tea Party, or anyone who can prove quick on their feet. Simply persuade either of the other two Republican candidates to switch parties and run under their banner.

Reliable polls show either of the other Republicans beating McCaskill however with Akin making it a 3-way race and a lot of people who simply vote the party no matter what, McCaskill is still likely to win, but not with the big margin she would have gotten against Akin, and the other party would see their stature improve by virtue of having a viable candidate running under their banner.

Jack be nimble anyone?

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