Friday, August 3, 2012


The official number is now 8.3% which the Obama administration is quick to note is actually 8.256% with the rounding removed. Now we all know that the unemployment numbers bear little enough resemblance to reality normally, but Zero Hedge is calling BS on this one big time. Found here at Wizbang, is the suggestion that the BLS simply added some 377,000 jobs because it felt like it, and came up with the 163,000 jobs allegedly created. This kept the unemployment (U3) down to non-panic levels.

Actual unemployment, as you and I would experience it is somewhere between 16 and 20%, (U6).

Welcome to the third annual Summer Of Recovery. This year, at the rate the numbers are being fudged, by the November elections we will all have two jobs and the borders will have to be opened to thousands of guest voters workers to ease the strain on the American workforce.

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Brad K. said...

*sigh* The "big lie" still seems to be working. Let the government state a falsehood with certainty often enough, and most of us act like a deceit was actually true.

If only "expedient" was an impeachable offense. And Congress willing (able?) to apply it.