Friday, April 27, 2012

Voting Twice

More or less in the same election, too.

In Wisconsin the unions have come up with enough petition signatures to trigger a recall election to remove the Governor. Signatories included Tim Tebow and Micky Mouse, but this is not considered a problem. In Wisconsin, they do things a bit differently in a recall. Superficially it's just like the general elections. The Dems have a primary to decide who will be the party candidate to run against Gov. Walker. Normally the Republicans would let an incumbent governor represent the party, and without a challenger from within the party, and he goes forward.

In a recall however, to get on the Republican primary ballot, all you need is 2000 signatures which the election commission (5-1 Dem) approves, and you get to run against the Governor in the Republican primary, which is open to anyone to vote in. Primaries are also famously under attended. A candidate from Occupy Wisconsin has gotten himself onto the Republican ballot. If he wins the primary, the election will be between two Dems, one running as a Republican.

To keep their governor, Republicans will have to turn out in high enough numbers to offset the truckloads of migrant voters and the trunk loads of absentee ballots found in abandoned cars after the election. Then do it all again in the general.

Aren't open primaries fun?

More details and many links at Samizdata.

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