Sunday, April 22, 2012

Clever Inventions

Some better than others, some I expect to see at some point. I like No's 36,37,43, and 44.

One thing though, can anyone tell me what's wrong with this one?
Or is there nothing wrong with it, and we're seeing a brilliant piece of marketing genius?

Speaking of clever inventions, Blogger has "updated" the tools used for post writing. Nothing has actually changed, but everything is now in a new location. One improvement, pictures are now inserted where the cursor is sitting instead of the default location at the top of the post. Another improvement: Strikethrough font has been added.

One non-improvement: Spell Check still doesn't work in the titles.


The Troll said...

Google, which owns Blogger, also changed their e-mail interface recently. And not for the better.

Cincinnatus said...

Is the invention the number "4" which means five?

jed said...

I see nothing wrong with the Scotch eggs. I like the underbed storage amd the lift-up table.

The spaghetti hot dogs are something I can see cooking sometime. Nice combination of elements there. Not sure what #10 is -- speakers in a can? I've seen the pizza cone before, and I think it's a good idea.

#47 looks cool, but it's a manipulated image -- doesn't really exist.

Billll said...

Robin wins the guessing game. And to think it's a product from the culture that gave us Adam Smith.

And yes, the lift table looks really handy.