Sunday, April 15, 2012

Political Dirty Tricks

It's going to be probably the dirtiest election in recent memory. The incumbent has nothing to run on and the challenger is uninspiring. The incumbents party relies heavily on vote fraud and intimidation with the just-us department tacitly endorsing the practices.

Some on the left are calling for violence in support of their candidates. This is nothing new, they always do, but seldom follow up. This year we may see them emboldened. John Farnham, who writes and teaches defensive firearm use suggests that people should be extra cautious this year:
Best personal advice is to stay far away from public events, particularly political rallies, protests, et al, and stay out of metro areas to the extent that you can. We’ll continue to hear, from the mouths of leftists, open, and increasingly vehement, calls for violence directed against their political opponents. And, such political thuggery will predictably be sanctioned, even by some elected officials, with many others conspicuously failing to condemn it. As noted above, we’re hearing it already. Be ever-prepared, in depth, but maintain a low, personal profile. Never con yourself in to thinking you’re too insignificant to become a target of political violence.
One thing the lefties want as much as anything is to see conservative rallies and events under attended. This will be reported in the press as evidence of a lack of support or enthusiasm for conservative candidates. This in turn will drive down participation by the right. Current practice includes surreptitiously vandalizing vehicles with conservative stickers on them. This discourages the use of the stickers and gives the illusion of a lack of support. Pulling up yard signs is also popular. Put on the stickers, attend the rallies, and yes, be vigilant. It's always easier to win now than it will be to win later. It's war, folks, and if you're not prepared to fight it, be prepared to lose it.

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