Sunday, April 1, 2012

Gun Fun

Went to the club Carbine match, which is like IDPA only further away. Disappointing all expectations, the Hi Point ran perfectly, the only problem being the 32-shot stage for which I had only 3 Cali-legal 10 round magazines.

Stage 3 involved shooting 2 targets at 35 yards through ports in a barricade, some of which were a narrow oval sloped at 45 degrees, and some of which were pyramidal ports down on the ground which involved tilting the gun just to see through them, or nice square ones you had to shoot left handed. This is not difficult if you are under 30 and in good physical condition, or practice Yoga regularly, which lets me out.

Course hazards included 2 of those cute little dust devils which look fairly innocuous at a distance, but which will completely flatten the walls and targets of an IDPA stage, even when they are ballasted with old tires.

Lots of sunshine and temps in the low 80's. Monday it's supposed to snow. 'Tis a privilege to live in Colorado, as the newspaper used to say.

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