Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dirty Politics

As of right now, I think I can safely predict that the 2012 election will be the most corrupt election in the history of the country. Sure, ACORN is no longer getting federal funding directly after getting caught in the fraudulent voter registration business in multiple states, but what almost no one notices was that ACORN is an umbrella group for a bunch of like-minded folks who do the same thing the parent group does, and the funding that formerly went directly to ACORN now goes to the sub-groups.

Michelle Malkin has a post covering the various ruses we can expect to see (or not see) this election. Numerous other sites have noted that the Obama donations website has turned off all the safeguards to unqualified donors, taking money from anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Last election, Obama got caught taking some $30,000 from Hamas, who donated the money via credit card from Gaza. This is not speculation as at least one media outlet actually interviewed the donors in Gaza. When confronted, the soon-to-be president assured that he would look into this, and refund the money is there was something wrong with it. A follow-up interview with the donors revealed that the money had never been refunded.

This election, the Obama website has been set up exactly the same way so that the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt could kick back some of the billions we send there as foreign aid to the man who sent it in the first place and Mexican drug lords can contribute to the man who sells them guns.

It's going to be very ugly.

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