Monday, November 15, 2010

Winter Motorcycling

Harry's Roamers Turkey Run was not as well attended as it had been, probably due to the early morning temps in the low 30's. My daughter gamely decided to give it a shot anyway, and showed up wearing tight, low-cut jeans, to go with her 2-layer jacket. Turned out her gloves were perforated leather, too. Fortunately, I had noticed some of this and had tossed a pair of sweatpants into my saddlebags.

14 miles later, we're at the start, and she decides that this will be way too cold on her sport bike, but probably tolerable behind me, behind a big touring windscreen and engine radiator, and decides to participate as a passenger. I tape the directions to my tank, and off we go.

Try to imagine how hard it is to read directions while riding a big bike up a winding road, with a passenger poking you in the ribs every time she thinks I'm getting too close to the edge or something. Cheeze! you'd think I'd never done this before.

Some 60 miles later, we found that while the turkeys had eluded us, she had won a size petite, lavender-ish rain / weather suit, which she said was warmer than the sweats on the trip home. She finds the color tolerable, and as it happens, it's her size, too. It helped, I suppose, that by the time we started home, the temp was up to a balmy 44F. Overall, a good time.

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